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Books I can read [astrophysics]

  1. Apr 24, 2013 #1
    Hey i was posting to ask what type of books i can get to make me more knowledgable on the subject of astrophysics, it could be more general or very specific if you think its worth knowing please lead me to a book that explains. thank you
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    Thank you I didn't know they had free books on the internet that you didn't have to steal
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    If there is a free version of that one, I'm not aware of it. I bought my copy.
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    Oh nvm its not free :/ thanks a bunch still I'm definitely going to get it
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    I can recommend two books I did read and, most important, did learn a lot from them:
    - An introduction to modern astrophysics (Carroll and Ostlie), very expensive;
    - Fundamental astronomy (Karttunen et alli), almost budget

    A third choice, perhaps the best one and for free, happens to be written in portuguese: http://astro.if.ufrgs.br/.

    Best regards!
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    Thank you all I will look into these sources and get back to you with feedback
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