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Books like The Fabric of the Cosmos and

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    Books like "The Fabric of the Cosmos" and

    "Parallell Worlds" and "The Elegant Universe"

    Are there any new books out similair to these?

    I have finished all three of them, and have the taste for more.

    Please recommend some books, thanks!
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    Of course..

    Look for any/all books by John Gribbin. He is an excellent science writer, his works including:

    In search of SUSY
    In search for schrodingers cat
    Any/all books on the lectures of Richard Feynman
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    Especially Feynmann's QED.
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    Thanks! I'll check at amazon
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    I hope u started your reading with Hawking's books and essays.And Penrose "The Emperor's New Mind"...And Weinberg's "The First Three Minutes" is a must read.

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    Outta the first page;besides the ones that u've already written,i'd reccomend M.Kaku's books and #18 & #20...

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