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Books on ceramic materials

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Are there any good books out there which contain information about ceramics like silicon carbide, silicon nitride, etc., how they are manufactured, history, etc?


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Try this one for starters -

Silicon-Based Structural Ceramics for the New Millennium
Ceramic Transactions, Volume 142
Manuel E. Brito, Hua-Tay Lin, and Kevin Plucknett, editors

This volume focuses on recent scientific and technological developments in silicon-based (i.e., silicon nitride, SiAlONs, silicon carbide, silicon oxynitride) structural ceramics. Authors from academia and industry assess the current state of the art in slilicon-based structual ceramics. Industrial case studies are advocated to highlight the development and application of these materials in real engineering environments.


Novel Synthesis and Processing

Colloidal Processing of Silicon Nitride by Eric Laarz, Anders Meurk, and Lennart Bergström
Viscoelastic Properties of Concentrated Silicon Nitride Slurries by Xue-Jian Liu, Mei-Fang Luo, Xi-Peng Pu, Li-Ping Huang, and Hong-Chen Gu
Si3N4 Powders Applied for Water-based DCT by Ola Lyckfeldt and Kent Rundgren
Synthesis of Si2N2O Ceramics from Desert Sand by M. Radwan, Y. Miyamoto, H. Kiyono, and S. Shimada
Fabrication and Evaluation of Porous Ca-a SiAlON Ceramics by Junichi Tatami, Takayuki Ohta, Cheng Zhang, Mikinori Hotta, Katsutoshi Komeya, Takeshi Meguro, Mamoru Omori and Toshio Hirai

Microstructures: Development and Characterization

High Resolution Imaging and Microanalysis of Silicon-Based Ceramics by Lena K. L. Falk
Grain-Boundary Relaxation Process in Silicon-Based Ceramics Studied by Mechanical Spectroscopy by Giuseppe Pezzotti and Ken'ichi Ota
High Temperature Stiffness and Damping to Qualitatively Assess the Amount of Glassy Pocket Phase in Silicon Carbide and Nitrides by Gert Roebben, C. Sarbu, and Omer Van Der Biest
High-Temperature Deformation of Silicon Nitride and its Composites by G. A. Swift, E. Üstündag, B. Clausen M. A. M. Bourke H. T. Lin, and C. W. Li

Improved Properties

SiAlON Ceramics: Processing, Microstructure and Properties by Stefan Holzer, Bernd Huchler, Alwin Nagel, and Michael J. Hoffmann
Fracture Behavior of Porous Si3N4 Ceramics with Random and Aligned Microstructure by Jian-Feng Yang, Naoki Kondo and Tatsuki Ohji
Liquid Phase Sintering of SiC with AlN and Rare-Earth Oxide Additives by M. Balog, P. Šajgalík and Z. Lenèéš J. Keèkéš, and J.-L. Huang
Effect of Additives on Microstructural Development and Mechanical Properties of Liquid-Phase-Sintered Silicon Carbide During Annealing by You Zhou, Kiyoshi Hirao, Yukihiko Yamauchi, and Shuzo Kanzaki
Corrosion of Silicon Nitride Materials in Acidic and Basic Solutions and under Hydrothermal conditions by M. Herrmann, J. Schilm, and G. Michael


Development of High-Temperature Heat Exchangers Using SiC Microchannels by Merrill A Wilson, Raymond Cutler, Marc Flinders, Matt Quist, Darin Ray, Darryl Butt, KY. Kim, and E. L. Pabit
Characterization of Ceramic Components Exposed in Industrial Gas Turbines by M. K. Ferber and H. T. Lin
Gelcasting SiAlON Radomes by Mark A. Janney, Donald M. Kupp, Kevin W. Kirby , and Claudia A. Walls
Effect of Long-Term Oil Immersion Test on Mechanical Reliability of Candidate Silicon Nitride Ceramics for Diesel Engine Applications by H.T. Lin, T.P. Kirkland, A.A. Wereszzczak, and M.J. Andrew

For further details, see - Silicon-Based Structural Ceramics for the New Millennium, which is a bit pricey at $109.00 US.

I have a few other possible sources to check.
Thank you for the reply.
The book is good but I think it is focussing too much on Silicon Nitride to be of much use to me. Is there a book which is more general i.e. which focusses on different types of ceramics with a higher emphasis on silicon carbide and its manufacturing?
Thank you for the help

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