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  1. can any one suggest me books on electrostatics and electromagnetism at a graduate level as iam preparing for indian institute of technology (iit).
    it would be a great help for me.
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    The standard Graduate Level text is J D Jackson, Classical Electrodynamics. Griffiths is a good book to have too.
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    Smythe, Static and Dynamic Electricity is good although it does not have any scattering theory. I like Schwingers book also, Stratton is another classic, out of print so long I cannot find a copy anywhere. Jackson is good, but not the best.

    Griffiths is becoming the standard at the advanced undergraduate level, although it leaves something to be desired. For my money, I'd teach an advanced Undergraduate course out of Wangsness, constant notation, consistent presentation order between electric and magnetic phenomenon.
  5. the best one is resnik halliday,,but no one book is sufficient have to keep other references too.....try kenneth L.kaiser (electrostatic discharge)...a few other gud books are physics by kumar mittal,,h.c. verma,,g.c.agrawal...try UBD physics (a very comprehensive book)....
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    If you are going to be in a physics department then, as others have stated, Jackson is the standard graduate-level book. I am somewhat fond of Stratton as well, which I understand was a physics book of yesteryear.

    If you will be in an electrical engineering department, then your choice will be harder, mainly becaus graduate electromagnetic theory books for EEs tend to focus on waves and almost completely ignore statics. For nice discussions of waves I really like "time-harmonic electromagnetic fields" by Harrington; other "typical" books include Balanis' "advanced engineering electromagnetics", "elctromagnetic wave theory" by Kong, and "Electromagnetic Wave Propagation, Radiation, and Scattering" by Ishimaru. One funny thing is that Stratton's topic selection is fairly in-line with what EEs want these days (except for the electromechanical-type stuff in the early chapters).
  7. hey !!!! actually i completed my 12 exams ,,,and i am taking drop dis it is a requst to u all can u pls telll me wich is d best book for electrostatics .....beause i wil be takingevery singe topic n will master i want to know aal d best boos in dis world related to electrostatics........frm ancient books to newer /............pls help me ..i will thankful to u
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    Franklin "Classical Electromagnetism" has a lot of grad level electrostatics.
    There is a cheap paperback version available only in India.
  9. thank u clem....but can u sujjest me more bokks on dis toics frm aund world n of best writters pls
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  11. Sorry, I'm not aware of any advanced physics books written in your language.
  12. The OP is in the last year of school and wants a book, or so I gather, to prepare for university. He caused some confusion by calling it a 'graduate book', which is not what he wants.

    Someone else mentioned Halliday and Resnick, and if you know calculus, I second that.
  13. i doesnt mean books in my lanuge .........but rather rather i mean books of any author ...........the main point is to clear the concepts to thr root........i will find that book....but i just want to know the names..........n i guess i am finding it on internet but if i could get ur suggestions then it would be great
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