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Books on Engineering

  1. Mar 30, 2015 #1

    I've recently taken up an interest in engineering and design, particularly how computers and smartphones work, automobile design, aerospace, etc. Really I've been interested in the subject for a while, but just now decided I want to learn more about engineering, and since I've been teaching myself astronomy and theoretical physics, I figured I could teach myself some aspects of engineering. Does anyone know of any good books I could read? Especially on technology, it would help a ton.
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    I think also take a look at any Digital Electronics Book (one written by Floyd is a good book). In engineering you choose among Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Mechatronics, or Telecommunication field one at a time, I think basics of any of these are easy, but at advanced level without practical or classroom education it may get difficult. But it isworth a try....
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    Engineering is incredibly broad. Your request is like "how do I learn about science". The one common thread throughout the different engineering disciplines is Calculus and especially Differential Equations. So there is a good place to start.

    Also important are solid engineering design practices and judgement but there really isn't a good book that teaches those.
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    What about Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Bio Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, etc?

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    Hahaha... Yes there are other branches of engineering also, I mentioned these based on the questioner interests...
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