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Books on evolution

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    hi guys,

    I want to learn about the theory of evolution and its mechanism at the micro and maco levels, punctuated equilibrium, gradualism, game theory, natural selection, modern synthesis, evidence for evolution, open questions about evolution, etc. I would be glad to read your suggestions on books written for the layman regarding all these.

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    Seems the right place for this thread would be in the biology forum, will the admin kindly do that
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    Richard Dawkins - River Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life

    Physicist Lawrence M. Krauss stated: I felt [it] was perhaps the most concise and cogent science writing, as well as the clearest discussion of the nature of evolution, I had yet read.

    For general evolution reading, I'd also personally recommend (although the theories have not been verified yet, they're just suppositions):
    The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition into the Forces of History
    Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the 21st Century
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    I would advice against River Out of Eden. It's a poor work particularly compared to Dawkin's two classics The Selfish Gene and The Extended Phenotype, which cover the same ground but does a hell lot better job of it. At least read Selfish Gene, it's one of the best books on science you are ever likely to read.
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    Hehehe... Just don't get a book form a Christian University....

    It's filled with all of the God created us x years ago stuff.
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    Honestly, a university level general bio-textbook would likly do you a lot of good. Once you have a firm grasp at that level you'll have a better idea of titles to look for when you go to a science bookstore.

    (And you can't go wrong with starting with the intial proposed theory by Darwin in his Origin of Species).

    One last side note, avoid anything from Galton or Tindle (Darwin's Bulldog), as they were using Darwin's theory in order to shape England and Western Society.
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