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Books on mathematical modeling

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    Hello for All!
    Please recommend English-language books on mathematical modeling. Interested in a general theory. In Russian I know these books, but I would like to get acquainted with English.
    Thank you.
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    Perhaps you could cite the authors of the Russian books and we could check if there's English translations.

    When you say mathematical modeling do you mean modeling a physical system like numerically solving the differential equations of motion of the system or something else?

    Here's one I used in a computational physics course:


    It's available on amazon.com
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    Yes, I mean the simulation of physical processes of varying complexity.
    Well, general information about the classification of mathematical models, if there is one.
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    For example.
    I have Russian-language book "Introdution in math modeling" of P.V. Trusov. It contains classification of math model (numeric, abstract, etc) and common stage of prepare math model.

    We have equal book in English-language?
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    Yes. It's good book. Anybody read this book?
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    I have read partially some chapters I needed (Computational Methods for Optimization and Dynamic Models) and I found it very good.
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