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Books on mathematical problems

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    Is there any books just about the mathematical problems and problems needed to be solved in General Relativity, Adding General Relativity to Quantum mechanics and string theory. i.e. more on when and where in the equations they break down and infinitise
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    Read a book on renormalization theory. That will let you know why the perturbative approach to quantum gravity didn't work, and look at the Wheeler DeWitt equation that will let you know why the non perturbative approach didn't work.
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    Is there any specific book on renormalization theory which would be recommended? I have been trying to understand renormalization from material online for some time and I have to admit I still don't really "get" what it is [mathematically].
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    Check out ''Renormalization'', by J. Collins.
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    There are many books on renormalization:

    Books on Renormalization

    Included in the top 10 search results is the J. Collins book, hopefully this helps.
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    Thiemann's book dropped from $140.00 to $69.41 at amazon.
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