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Books on proofs

  1. Jul 5, 2007 #1
    I'm planning on taking a limits and infinite series course soon and was wondering what book(s) I could get off Amazon that would make the process a little less painless when it comes to proofs? Quantifiers, those sort of things, I have no idea about any of it and I'm taking a pre-limits class this next quarter.

    I guess I'm searching for a book that details proof theory in a way that won't crush my skull in the process...
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    C. Larson

    "Problem Solving"
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    Exactly what Neurocomp said that book is excellent. But be warned it is a book designed for difficult math problems so do not be afraid it you fail to get most of them.

    Also did you take a Proof Course. By that I mean an introductory course on Logic/Set theory traditionally called "Transition to Advanced Math"?
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    i learned it in high school from "principles of mathematics" by allendoerfer and oakley.

    Bookseller: Fleamarketbooks.com
    (Luzerne, MI, U.S.A.) Price: US$ 5.00
    [Convert Currency]
    Quantity: 1 Shipping within U.S.A.:
    US$ 3.95
    [Rates & Speeds]
    Book Description: MCGRAW-HILL BOOK COMPANY, INC., 1955. Hardback. Book Condition: Used: Good. {G/-} Hardback published without a Dust Jacket. TEXTBOOK. HEAVY EDGEWEAR AND CORNER WEAR. TEXT IS IS GOOD CONDITION WITH VERY FEW INK MARKINGS. Has bookstore stamp or person's name in or on the book. Bookseller Inventory # 124196
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    Most calculus/analysis books have the matter covered on dedicated chapters or sections.
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    Haven't taken a proof course yet, that's what I'm preparing for. I'm sure Larson will help along the way, thanks a bunch.
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