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Books on the physics of sound and electrical circuitry.

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    I am a sophmore in highschool and I work as a lifeguard over the summer, and a great deal of my time is spent sitting around doing nothing when the weather isn't ideal. I haven't taken physics yet, but I play guitar and I'm heavily into modifying it to get the best tone possible. Through modifying my guitar, I've ran into alot of electrical schematics and alot of physics talk about why something sounds one way or resistance of 2 circuits in parallel etc. I figured that I might as well try to educate myself on the subjects of sound and electrical physics, and there didn't seem to be any better time than when stuck at the pool on a rainy day.

    So, does anyone know of any books that can give a basic understanding of these two topics to someone who essentially knows nothing about them? I, of course, want it to start out basic to let me understand it, but I've a very good aplicable memory, so if it starts from elementary stuff and builds up to very complex principles, so long as it explains itself along the way, I'll be able to follow it fine.

    Thanks for any help,
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    Electric Circuits:

    Van Valkenburg
    Desoser, Kuh

    The names of the books are very similar, something like "electric circuit theory" and the like
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