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Books on the structure of theory

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    I recently skimmed through a book called the Structure of Theory. It's a book about what kinds of theories exist.

    I would like to learn more about this. What books and websites can you guys recommend?

    I would prefer a resource with specific examples of what kinds of theories exist in various fields (my background is mathematics, business and physics, but primarily mathematics).

    I would like to learn about their assumptions, but also the logic and mathematics of those theories. Of course, I am not asking for a deep understanding of every scientific field.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Philosophy books on epistemology?
    Maybe Feynman's "The Character of Physical Law" (MIT Press)
    ... it depends on your interest. Do you want a list with a taxonomy?
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    Isn't epistemology about what is knowable? That is not what I am asking for. I'll check out the Feynman book.

    I have encountered several different ways of examining and making predictions about physical systems. Sometimes, for instance, in statistical physics you examine how one particle in a gas will behave and assume all particles will, statistically, behave similarly and you assume this can be approximated by a continous function although you have only finitely many particles.

    I assume something similar can be done in social science with people and maybe earth in geology.

    If there is a list with a taxonomy, I would love to see it.
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    Ernest Nagel

    I should add that I am not entirely sure if this book is what I am looking for (after all, I barely skimmed through it).
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