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Books on Time (Suggestions?)

  1. Apr 9, 2006 #1
    Ok, I know that no one really knows what time is (the recent set of articles in the Scientific American special issue made that clear enough.) But I do want to do some reading on this topic. Are there any books that people would reccomend on this subject?

    I notice that the following books are popular and have overall good reviews. But I am open to any suggestions for books that attempt to give an overview of current ideas about what time "is". Any thoughts?

    "Time : A Traveler's Guide" Clifford A. Pickover

    "How to Build a Time Machine" Paul Davies

    "Time Travel in Einstein's Universe: The Physical Possibilities of Travel Through Time" J. Richard Gott

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    How to Build a Time Machine!!!! Come back and tell us how!
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    Look at Hawkings books.
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    George Jones

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