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Books? Please

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    Books?? Please

    I am interested in electronics and i am in need of a book which will do me good in clearing my fundamental concepts. Any recommendations. I have heard of A P Malvino and B Grob. Since i am i India my exposure to the international market of books. Anyway please help?
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    -Introductory Circuit Analysis, Boyelstad
    -Electronic Design, Carpenter
    -Electronic Devices, Floyd
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    Art of Electronics is one of the best. I also like the Floyd one that antoker listed above.
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    Yeah, floyd is good, especially when it comes to circuit analysis.
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    if u ever want abotu RF fundamentals froam A to B u can use "the electronics of radio" for david B.rutledge ... it is super great
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    I will also second the suggestion for Introductory Circuit Analysis, Boyelstad. This is the book to have if youre new to this kind of stuff. The book has very clear explanations, lots of illustrations, examples, and applications.

    Also The Art of Electronics is a good reference book.
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