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Books that teach you French?

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    Since French is not really a science, but I found no board that really fits this so I think putting it in Other sciences would be fine.
    French is really driving me crazy!!!! :grumpy:
    After two years studying French, and I find myself understand nothing of it (yeah, absolutely nothing)... I cannot even read an easy paragraph in French, I cannot count in French, I don't know which object is female, and which is male, I cannot supply the correct form of the verbs, blah blah blah... In fact I cannot say anything in French, apart from Bonjour Mosieur, or that kind of thing... :cry:
    So I go to talk to my teacher about this... Asking for some books for self-studying. But he says there is no book that is written in Vietnamese, that really teach you French (I am a Vietnamese, and he's a Vietnamese, too).
    I went to the bookstore looking for some Vietnamese-French books, but I found none!!! :frown: I just found the books that are written all in French, and I don't think I can read them without a teacher guiding me...
    So does anyone here study French? Can you guys recommend me some good books that teach French in English, that one can actually use it to self-study?
    Thanks a lot,
    Mercy beaucoup (is this correct???) :rolleyes:
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    Tom Mattson

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    You might try Schaum's Outlines, combined with audio lessons on CD.

    For the Outlines see this page:

    http://books.mcgraw-hill.com/getcategory.php?template=schaums&catid=2715&category=Foreign%20Language&level=3 [Broken]

    Scroll down and you will find one for French Vocabulary and another for French Grammar. Hey, maybe one day you'll be the one to translate those into Vietnamese!
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    French is not a science, nor is it logical.

    "Que ce que c'est.." (or something like that) is garbage.
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    Yes, thanks a lot. :smile:
    You saved me... Yay!
    Agreed :devil:.
    And I have to try damn hard to get above the average point... :rolleyes:
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    I've studied French for 6 years, been to Paris for two weeks, and I still can't speak it well. This is the order in which I feel comfortable with it - 1)Reading 2)Writing 3)Speaking. Keep at it and it will get better. I can pretty much understand everything my teacher says and our classes are almost completely en francais. Bon chance.
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    Can you not use an english book teaching french, your english seems pretty good.
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