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    Well, I presume that I'm not the only one who is enjoying to take a rest from books, the scientific ones, and read something classical instead.

    As the evenings can be profoundly prolix those days, that books to do you read? You can name some of your favourite books by author, title, language, country, time etc.

    I often read novels in English from the Augustic and further on, almost never in Swedish and sometimes in Russian (I can't in Japanese yet..), some authors are:

    Adeline Virginia Stephen Woolf (I have read most of her works) -- 'Image an ordinary mind at an ordinary day.'

    The Bronte sisters

    William Golding

    George Eliot

    Thomas Hardy

    Some of the Russian authors I like are:

    Maxim Gorkiy (a pessimisstic humanist)

    Ivan Turgenev ('the founder of modern [1800] nihilism')

    Fjodor Dostoyevskiy

    Alexander Purskin (not the lyric, though)

    ... that was about it, can you recommend some authors? Or perhaps something very simple in Japanese?
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