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Homework Help: Boolean equation

  1. Dec 6, 2011 #1
    Am i doing right?

    And what to do next?

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    This looks right. The last 2 terms would produce an EXOR operation. Remember:

    [tex]A'B+AB' = A\oplus B[/tex]

    Nothing else comes to mind when simplifying this further. However you can refer to the attachment if there is anything else you can do.

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    [itex]AA = 1[/itex] is not correct.

    And there seem to be other possibilities at the top line - consider what is [itex]ABC + \bar{A}BC[/itex] ?
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    Ahh you are right! Nice catch! Haha!
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    Let me encourage a little further and say that I agree with your work until the fourth line, adnankhuram. From there you can make further simplifications to leave something that looks like [itex]PQ+RS[/itex].
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