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Boolean reduction

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    [tex]([/tex][tex]\overline a \overline b \overline c)[/tex][tex]+[/tex][tex]([/tex][tex]a \overline b \overline c)[/tex][tex]+[/tex][tex]([/tex][tex]\overline a \overline b d)[/tex]
    is this reducable?
    I'm new to this as you may be able to tell, but I've went through this and have not found a way to reduce it, well I thought I had but then when I make a truth table the results don't match. Please help me out if you can, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    edit: is [tex]\overline b \overline c[/tex][tex]+[/tex][tex]\overline a \overline b d[/tex] the answer?
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    The answer looks right to me. Btw, K-maps are helpful for these problems.
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    yeah, thanks. We just learned about kmaps today in class as a matter of fact. seems much easier than trying to reduce through algebra lol
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