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BOOM! Fireworks, just a little bit early

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    I went to visit my parents on Saturday and I enjoyed the early display of fireworks. I was sitting on the front porch with my mom and we were having a nice little conversation. A fairly heavy rain started, but there was absolutely no thunder. Then, the next thing I knew, a sound which I can only compare to a howitzer being fired interrupted us. I turned just in time to see parts of the tree in their front yard falling to the ground. Upon closer inspection, we determined that a lightning bolt had struck the tree approximately 30 feet up and travelled into the ground, blasting off a good two inches of the thickness of the tree in the process.

    It probably wouldn't have been all that impressive, save for the fact that it struck within 50 feet of where I was sitting and that it was the only lightning bolt in the storm. My dad, who was at the airport at the time it happened, confirmed that he only heard one stroke of lightning during the entire storm. As it was, I found it to be a wholly entertaining and highly impressive display of the power of lightning, even in this day and age.
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    Uh oh, first it was my neighbor's tree knocked over, then Evo's TV got zapped, and now your tree struck down! :surprised This doesn't bode well for us PFers!
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