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Booming problem

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    The figure1 shows a for the configuration of a four wheel drive vehicle. The body is mounted on a chassis frame through a series of body mounts. The engine and transmission mounting points are also shown. The engine has two front mounts and a single gearbox mount to a body cross member.
    Figure 2 shows the results for a nosie path analysis of second order (2E) interior noise component in 3rd gear at 3600 rpm. This has been carried out to investigate a booming problem occurring at this engine speed in all gears.
    1. For wat frequency is the analysis in figure2 ?
    2. Given the result in figure 2, what is ur conclusion about the noise at 3800 rpm ?
    3. What additional specific information would the noise path analysis give that would provide valuable guidance to the NVH development engineers in their pursuit of a solution to the booming noise problem ?
    4. Discuss solutions to the problem. Consider specifically whether changes to the acoustics pack might be efficacious. What other design modifications would be worth investigating ?
    http://img651.imageshack.us/img651/1727/p25031015490001.jpg [Broken]
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