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Boost Inverter [Z-soure]

  1. Sep 20, 2008 #1
    Hello Every1

    I'm doin a project on PWM Z-source inverter(Forget about the voltage ratings for now). I have a basic doubt in its operation. As we all Know Z-source inverter can provide both Buck and Boost output. For a boost output (in case of 1phase H-Bridge type) we have to fire both the Thyristors of the same leg simultaneously.This is called the shoot through mode Operation of Z-Source inverters. My question is How is the Voltage boosted in this mode? in the same way for a current source inverter if v apply the shoot through mode(It is allowed in CSI) do we get boosted output? Even if the output is boosted across where do we get it? i mean in the shoot through mode of Z-source inverter the inverter bridge is short circuited just as in the Current source inverter. Even in the schematic diagram of Z-source inverter the Inverter bridge in replaced by a current source. So where do v get the Output and How is it boosted in both Z-source inverters and the CSI?


    PS-Plz help as i hav my project review in a couple of days and still i'm not getting the basics right.
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