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Boost voltage

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    If we boost voltage from 3.7v to 12v, is this will affect on watt we consumption from the battery or make your battery discharge faster????
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    Power is not a function of just voltage. What else does it depend on?
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    I have blower 12V 280mAh the power source Battery Li ion 3.7V 2200mAh
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    Ok, that's nice, but you didn't answer my question. Do you understand simple circuits? Do you understand Ohms Law? Do you know the equation for power?

    I understand that you think you are asking a very simple question, but you are not. It depends on more than you seem to think it does and you have given no indication of your level of understanding of electronics.
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    Power is power regardless if you raise the voltage. Perhaps a buck/boost....you can't use a normal transformer in DC. If u raise the voltage, you lower the amps to make same power. If you lower the voltage, you raise the amps to make the same power. The battery should last just as long either way.

    But then again, why on Earth would you boost a battery to power a fan? Or are you just talking in hypothetical sillyness as younger folk often do on here?

    You could wire four of your batteries in series to make 14.8 volts. (3.7 X 4 =14.8)

    Again, why would you? Why not power a 12 volt fan with a 12 volt battery? or perhaps an AC source transformed down to 12 volts?

    Quick course for you.
    V=IR, Voltage = Current X Resistance
    P=IV, Power = Current X Voltage

    Look at the P=IV especially....see?
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    I have limit knowledge about power and electronics, psparky about why, because I have limit space and limit weight
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    my knowledge is limit and know its complicated for that reason I am asking I want to reduce my errors
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    Well, here's the thing. As psparky pointed out, you cannot use a transformer to convert DC to DC voltage, you need a circuit to do it. It is somewhat complicated and not something you want to do if you do not have the knowledge.

    If you can BUY a converter then the issue you face is simply whether or not the battery can provide enough power. I think it will, but only for a little while. I agree w/ psparky that you should just use a 12V battery.
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    If you buy a module to achieve this it will drain about 1000mA from your battery. So your battery will soon go flat.
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