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BORAZINE question HELP please

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    BORAZINE question HELP please!!!!!

    hey whats up guys can anyone help me with these two problems:

    1) why does borazine readily undergo addition reactions?

    2) In the B NMR spectrum of B4H10 why is there a doublet and triplet of equal intensity
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    we're not here to do your homework

    please show us your thoughts and work you've done on this problem and then we'll help

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    Boranes are very reactive, and diborane has greater flammability and explosive range than hydrogen. I imagine borazine is similarly very reactive. I imagine the B-N and H bonds are not as strong as with O. What references does one's text have?

    This might be of interest - http://osulibrary.orst.edu/specialcollections/rnb/23/23-184.html

    One my wish to look at - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyhedral_skeletal_electron_pair_theory


    This might be of use - http://www.t.soka.ac.jp/chem/iwanami/inorg/INO_ch4.pdf
    search for 'boranes'

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