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Homework Help: Bored on sunday? Check my work (vector calc)

  1. Dec 7, 2008 #1
    OK so this is kind of a big favor, and if nobody wants to do it I totally understand. But any sanity checking would be extremely useful. Here's some sample questions for my final exam:

    http://math.ucsc.edu/~ginzburg/teaching/23B-2008/prf.pdf [Broken]

    No answers were provided for the first 6 problems and silly me forgot to ask. I have done them! I'm not asking for you to do my work :) But I'd like to know if I got them right. So I'll post my answers and, if you feel like it, please let me know how terribly, terribly wrong I am :)

    1.(t or f)- t, t, t, t, t, f, t, t, f, f

    2. 0

    3. 64pi

    4. [got this one from a problem in the book, no worries here]

    5. 16/3

    6. 2

    Thanks for any help whatsoever!
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