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Bored? sad? Funniest thing mankind has ever done

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    I didn't want to read the whole thing, I'm assuming some guy pulled something on a Nigeria Scam or something?
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    Yah, pretty much sent a box full of crap and hte check to pay for the supposed computers bounced :D hilarious stuff though! You should read, the death threats are absoltely histerical.
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    That is hilarious. Those death threats don't make any sense at all.

    Now we're rollin' :rofl:
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    It is great! very funny! Unfortunately I cannot follow the story to the end as the link to the second page does not seem to work.
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    I've not reached the end yet, but this is great!

    That's hilarious :rofl:.
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    I get these email scams all the time. I guess most are designed to obtain your banking information. I heard tactics for how to get back at tele-marketers, (sending the junk mail back with your payment) etc., but this sting is great. The only sting I've ever thought of is throwing my neighbor's dog s**t from off my front yard to their back yard...
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    I remember some guy screwing over another scam artist. Funny part was that the guy lived in the UK and the guy in the US (who was the target of the scam in the first place... it was an ebay scam... he was selling, guy from UK bought and demanded fake escrow or check, i forgot which) who was selling on ebay met up with someone in the UK on a forum. The guy lived in the same city as this scam artist so they were able to conduct surveillance and everything on this guy when he went to pick up his "laptop" that he tried to scam off of ebay. Just hilarious i tell ya what :D
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    This has to be the funniest thing I have read in my life. I have shown it to all my friends.
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    I'm gonna send this to my Buisness Prof. He'll love it.
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    Its been done before. Someone did it to a 419 scanner who happened to be in london, and having met people online who lived there they had photos and everything of when the guy got the delivery. They staked out the address for 3 days i think, since they weren't sure when the stuff would arrive, they had people on shifts and everything. Funny stuff.
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    Yeah that's the one!

    been a while since i've seen that.
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