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Borel resumation.

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    what is that math tool and how is applied in phyiscs...?, where could i find an introduction to this math method ?..thanks. (if posible tell me the webpage where the process is explained..thanks)
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    Typing Borel resummation into the box at www.google.com[/url] got me 1161 responses. Out of the first 10 I picked [URL=http://algo.inria.fr/seminars/sem00-01/lutz.html]this one[/URL] , I hope it helps you. If you want to find something better, do the google and keep searching.
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    I have read in google about borel resummation but how do you apply it to physics?..in fct some terms of the perturbation will give infinite how you can absorbe this using borel resummation?..

    How about if theory is not renormalizable...?
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