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Borke again? PS3

  1. Nov 15, 2007 #1
    i bought a PS3(80GB) about 3 weeks ago and i have had nothing but problems. i love it but still its hard to deal with. the first week i had it the thing just stoped reading disks so i took it back to the store and had them give me a new on that one worked for a week and a half and now i incerted a disk in to it and it would not read it nor would i eject the disk. it is said that the ps3 will not play ps2 games but mine did at least for the first few times (i.e. the godfather, GTA san andras, madden 08) but then i put in and old game time splitters 2 for old times sake and it just locked up. i dont want to take this one back because that will mean that i will loose this game and they quit makeing it a few years back.
    now the sony website said to hold the eject button for 10 sec but that doesnt work as well. any help would be nice
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    Im not an expert on the PS3 but surely it has some kinda of emergency eject?? Failing that... well you cud open it up although that will void you warranty..

    Timesplitters 2 shud be easy to find in the shops 2nd hand tho!!
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