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Borland Delphi?

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    Hey guys..

    I was curious what you guys think of Delphi these days? I bought a copy (I think version 2..) a long time ago, and programmed with that on my laptop for a while. A few years passed, and I got a job programming with either Delphi 4 or 5 (I can't remember).

    Anyways, sometimes I miss writing programs in it. So I see Delphi is up to version 8 now. What do you guys think of Delphi? I know it's the "other side" because it is based in Pascal, but I'm not writing any mission-critical stuff, or stuff that has to be milliseconds faster than someone elses.

    Is it still a good language? And, also, do you know where I can purchase it the cheapest? (I'm still a student, so I try to find places with student prices.)
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    Oh my!, another one ??????? ---lol---
    Come on man!
    Anyway, it is also advisable for you to try your best, yeah, choose a cheap one, why dont you ask some of your friends who I guess have a better tracer program...--lol--

    I used to play around with pascal 6 or 7 years ago, and if I recall correctly, I once heard from some of my friends who now studying in some other schools that Delphi is still in use but especially just for elementary classes in computer science (for freshmen's first semester only, and C will be in its place when the second semester comes).
    Hope that helps.
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    Is anyone here capable of giving a comprehensible, lucid answer?
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    If my English is not bad, the post above as far as I can understand already answered half of your question.
    And as far as i can recognize, although there are many a nice try to improve the performance so as to be the same as the most modern and "considered-to-be" good programming language, Delphi I think is still unable to hide some of its obvious "disadvantages", which unluckily turn Delphi into a not-oftenly-used language.
    Where to buy the cheapest one ?
    I am sorry I dont know, it is just like "sharing CBO's features or operations", I mean there is only one who pays for the original price of Delphi, and then freely shares his properties with his friends. No body knows...

    Hope that helps.
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