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Homework Help: Born-Haber Process

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    I have a question which I must do yet I cant manage to solve it, any help will be appreciated.

    It would be theoretically possible for calcium to forma fluoride CaF containing Ca+ ions and the F- ions in equal numbers. Assuming that the lattice enthalpy of the hypothetical compound is similar to that of NaF (+891 kJ mol ^ -1 ), use a Born-Haber cycle to calculate its enthalpy of formation using the data below


    Enthalpy of atomisation of Ca : +193 kJ Mol ^ -1
    F-F Bond enthalpy : +158 kJ Mol ^ -1
    First Ionisation Energy of Ca: + 590 kJ Mol ^ -1
    Electron Affinity of Flourine: -348 kJ Mol ^ -1

    The enthalpy of formation of CaF2 is -1214 kJ mol ^ -1. Use this to explain why it is not possible to produce CaF even if two moles of calcium are reacted with one mole of flourine gas.
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    Turkish, what have you tried so far?
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