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Boron carbide's structure

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    does anyone know the structure of boron carbide (B4C)? i need boron carbide's lattice parameter and the atom positions in the unit cell, as i want to build the structure by materials studio.
    does anybody know how to get it? thank you very much!!
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    Try - Atomic Structure and Vibrational Properties of Icosahedral B4C Boron Carbide
    http://people.sissa.it/~dalcorso/publications/PRL-83-3230-1999.pdf [Broken]
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    this literature doesnot give the exact positions of atoms, e.g.the coordinates of atoms in the cell. but regardless, thanks for your kind reply.
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    I have heard that the chemical structure of boron carbide is unknown
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    Were you ever able to make boron carbide in Materials Studio? I am about to do that. Thank you.
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