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Bose-einstein condensate

  1. Jan 11, 2007 #1
    hey guys i see that it is a new modern subject we never talked about it ... what do u think ??? i have to represent a project about it in 3 weeks and it is a big subject and so important ... let's discess it
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    There are dozens of threads here that discuss BECs. Please search the forums first.
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    Actually, it is YOUR project and YOU are the one who have to discuss it. The rest of us can only correct and add to what you do, or else we'd be doing your work.

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    thank u for ur interest ... and for ur advice but believe me i just ask for help and i am in a group of 6 persons and i am the only one working and i am taking 7 courses in this semester ... but i am doing my best ... it is a big subject so i am lost on what to concentrate my time allowed for presentation is only 10 minutes and i need half an hour to let the audience understand just the basics...anyway thanks for the advice ..take care u have great posts...and i may take ur 2 replies about that topic... do i have permission?
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