Bosons, Fermions and ?

  1. Bosons, Fermions and ??

    I have heard in wikipedia (a joke?? ) that appart from Bosons and Fermions (types of particles) there were another kind of 'Probabilistic distribution' ???? i don't know how it was called but if we have the number of particles.

    [tex] <n(T)>=\frac{1}{exp(\hbar \omega )-a} [/tex]

    a=1 for Bosons and -1 for Fermions, if other kind of particles exist, what would be their distribution?, thanx.
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  3. You might want to try looking into "anyons". Frank Wilczek coined the term for two dimensional field theories since the exclusion principle takes a different form in the reduced dimensions.
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    Try also with "generalized statistics".
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    In addition, note that as with the fractional charge phenomenon, anyons are also an "emergent" excitation that came out of the renormalized many-body effect. In Wilczek's paper, several references were made to Schrieffer's work (this is the "S" in BCS theory of superconductivity). Condensed matter systems are the ones that can clearly exhibit these fractional phenomena.

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