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Bosons, Fermions and ?

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    Bosons, Fermions and ??

    I have heard in wikipedia (a joke?? ) that appart from Bosons and Fermions (types of particles) there were another kind of 'Probabilistic distribution' ???? i don't know how it was called but if we have the number of particles.

    [tex] <n(T)>=\frac{1}{exp(\hbar \omega )-a} [/tex]

    a=1 for Bosons and -1 for Fermions, if other kind of particles exist, what would be their distribution?, thanx.
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    You might want to try looking into "anyons". Frank Wilczek coined the term for two dimensional field theories since the exclusion principle takes a different form in the reduced dimensions.
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    Try also with "generalized statistics".
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    In addition, note that as with the fractional charge phenomenon, anyons are also an "emergent" excitation that came out of the renormalized many-body effect. In http://arxiv.org/abs/cond-mat/0206122" [Broken], several references were made to Schrieffer's work (this is the "S" in BCS theory of superconductivity). Condensed matter systems are the ones that can clearly exhibit these fractional phenomena.

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