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Botany questions

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    Hey guys, I've been spending a 3 hrs trying to figure this one out...

    1) Why does adding sugar to rasberries make them juicy? to rephrase I mean why would the entire raspberry/sugar concoction become more juicer as
    a whole (why will there end up being juice in the bowl?)

    It has to do with water movement, is it because since the salt is on the outside it moves from lower solute concentration to higher solute concentration on the outside? I just can't imagine it.

    2) What does the calculated hydrostatic pressure value indicate about the turgor pressure of the intact potato and beet tissue?

    This question is from my water potential lab assignment. My answer is:

    The hydrostatic pressure of 2.44 Mpa for the potato (the value I got) indicates that the turgor pressure is positive and that the cells of the potato are well hydrated with a rigid cell wall. The negative hydrostatic pressure of -.0352 Mpa for the beet tissue indicates a negative turgor pressure and that the cells are not hydrated well with water, which causes flaccid cells.

    I am not sure if what i put is answering the question?

    Thanks alot guys, I am stuck on these and been working at it for 4 hrs now, and its due tomm, just wanted to make sure im on the right track. Thanks again!
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    For (1), you're somewhat on the right track, but it's not salt that moves. Where did you change the solute concentration, and what else would have to change to reach equilibrium again?

    For (2), did you really mean to say cell wall for the potato? Otherwise, I think you're doing okay on that one (though, I can't speak for your teacher if they like more explanation or not).
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