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Both B.Tech. and B.sc : INDIA

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    IS it possible in India to do both B.sc. (distance learning) side by side with B.tech. (full time). I want to be an astrophysicist, so i should have to go with B.sc. But due to parental pressure and also for the reason that there is no value of B.sc. in india i've decided to go with both at same time. Please notify me is it possible or not?
    Also inform me about the top colleges in India which provide distance learning programme in B.sc. in physics.
    one more dilemma is that i'm unable to decide that for b.tech. which stream is going to be best which can also help me in career as astrophysicist. According to me aerospace and mechanical are best. But alll of you please convey me your opinions.
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    These 'distance learning' undergrad degree courses are no good, especially if you want to do physics or engineering through them.

    Let me clear some misconceptions you have. A BSc won't make you an astrophysicist. You will require a Masters, a PhD and possibly some postdocs to reach the point when you may be called one.

    If you want to get into astronomy, a degree in electrical engineering will be quite useful. But mechanical and aerospace engineering can also help you get into astrophysics. I do not recommend doing both because the professional credibility of a distance learning-based BSc degree at the time of graduate school application is virtually zero. If you are absolutely sure of your interests, you should join a proper undergraduate physics program and work your way up to a PhD.

    Please understand that this is a big decision. Choosing between engineering and science isn't a trivial problem...the approaches are very different and you should know what your inclinations are. If you must do engineering, then do something that interests you. There's a lot of physics in engineering too, of course, but you should choose the major that inspires and excites you the most.
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    rajatgl16...this is exactly my situation.i Am i a dilemma as to what to choose.

    @maverick280857 ..Sir,
    AS u said we have to figure out where our interest lies.But the problem is how?How would i know whether am fit for Bsc. Or engineering.
    Also if u were to suggest Between Bsc. or Btech. what would you?
    Basically my interest lies in studying about the mysteries of the universe..evolution, existence of life on another planet etc..
    What should i take up?
    Also the diff between electrical and electronics engineering!
    If at last i take up engineering. what to choose between
    Aerospace(given not many institutes like iia,iucca take up aerospace engineers for phd programmes)
    Electrical and electronics
    Electrical and instrumentation
    Electrical and Communication
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    Sure, I'd help you out all I could if I could get into your head but I doubt that's gonna happen any time soon. So, what you like is something you figure out on your own.
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    Check out the contents of both programmes (e.g. indvidual courses/subjects and the syllabi) and see whether they're along your interests.
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    Your comment about BSc being of no value in India is the most stupidest comment I have heard. Please do not generalise. Science students in my college have a placement comparable to NIT's and Average IITs.
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    What you could do is enroll into an engineering degree in a college with a good physics department, like the IIT madras or Karaghpur. Or you could enroll into one of the A+ Science Colleges like St. Stephens or St. Xavier's in Kolkata or Mumbai.

    Mostly for astrophysics, it doesn't make a difference in India whether you do Engineering or Science for bachelors.
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