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Bought A Bike

  1. Jul 11, 2008 #1
    Finally did it. Bought myself a bike. It is a 2001 HD Sportster with only about 9000 km on it, looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor, the guy that had it pretty much never rode it and kept it in great shape. It is bright yellow, has forward controls added on, saddlebags, screaming eagle pipes, a new slimmer seat, those tear shaped mirrors and other stuff I am probably forgetting. I pick it up sunday so I am quite excited. Had a huge battle trying to get insurance though....no one wanted to give me insurance because I am under 21 so I had an interesting time finding someone who would. Pictures soon to come.
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    This is the pic that was in the paper for its ad.
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    Looks like you're going to have a fun summer :smile: !
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    Very nice, scorpa. I'm not at all a fan of motorcycles, but I have to admit that that one's awfully appealing.
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    Oh, a motorbike. Grats. Looks pretty snazzy. Have fun riding it, man. Looks like a blast.
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    Haha yeah not bicycle...already have a lovely bicycle, I have a Norco Katmandu and it is great. I love it. Edmonton has some great singletrack to bomb around on in the river valley.
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    I'm WAY happy for you, Scorpa. Why don't you live over here so you and your dad and me can be riding buddies?!!! I know you're going to have fun and look forward to photo-journalism on your part. Woo Hoo!
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    Yep I'll bet you can imagine how excited I am right now Turbo. I wish I lived closer to you, I need some riding buddies as right now I have none at all except for my dad of course :) I am back in school right now so I will pretty much just be using it to go to school and back and the odd weekend ride but I get 2 weeks of in september and I am planning on taking at least a week of it for a trip with dad. Ever have any luck selling your bike and finding something else?
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    Ohhh thats so cool. Hope you many days of beautiful weather to ride it !
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    No luck selling the Softail, so far. I am asking way under book value, but the economy is so bad here that nobody is buying. I see the same ads for the same bikes over and over again.
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    That's to bad Turbo, the market is like that here to now. Harleys are a dime a dozen, and prices have dropped like a rock. The way the dollar went really dropped the prices of even the new ones....good for people looking for a bike like myself, bad for people like you trying to get rid of one.

    Tomorrow I go to pick it up!!! I am super excited. To bad it is sunday and all the registries are closed so I can't get a plate for it till monday....boo.
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    Very nice! :smile:
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    Well I brought it home today and I must say I do like it! It has a lot more power than anything I have ever ridden before so that is taking some getting used to, it also steers very heavy at slow speeds, very top heavy so that is going to take some getting used to as well. I'm starting off slow and just riding around the neighbourhood to get used to it. The registries were closed today so I don't have a plate for it yet so I haven't been able to ride it to much yet which is a bit torturous. As soon as school is over tomorrow I am heading to buy a plate, I just hope I can make it there in time.

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