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*bounces a story idea off the forum*

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    I was up late last night, with a case of insomnia, when I thought of psychic abilities. I know this is unrealistic, but it's a fiction story. Give an opinion on the basic story idea.

    Year: 2012

    A group of government scientists researching telekinesis come upon a breakthrough. They find a form of energy produced by the brain that enables telekinesis. However, most brains have far too little of it to move objects any real distance. A scientist finds the part of the brain involved in producing this energy, and modifies it to produce 100 times the amount, so as to allow true telekinesis to occur. After testing in animals, with varying success, they test it on a human. The scientist offers to go himself, with thoughts of psychic abilities, Nobel prizes, and glory in his head. He has the powers amplified, but a previously unknown factor comes into play: The energy drives the brain unstable when overproduced, and the scientist goes mad. He has psychic powers, and they are growing. What will stop him?

    That's basically the synopsis of the first few chapters. Opinions?
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    Sounds like the basic idea of every other sci fi book.
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    There's really no such thing as a new idea; the art comes in how you express it. As an example, one book that I have is composed of several short stories by famous SF authors who were all given the same outline. There's almost no similarity between any 2 of them.
    Your synopsis is sound. Go for it!
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    how about the scientist tries using his powers to move a paperweight 4 ft from one side of his desk to the other. When they find his body the next day nobody can figure out why there is no mark on his body, but his brain is laying 4 ft away from his head.
    hmm, not a bad idea, action/reaction. Newton was right. all the psychics die because they try to move too heavy of an object, or try to move a light object too quickly, so everyone becomes psychic, but they can only move small objects really slowly
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