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Bouncing ball experiment

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    Hi guys - recently in college we have done an experiment where we drop a ball from 10 different heights, and recorded the bounce height. Obviously all the results were tabulated, and then a graph produced. It turns out that the graph is linear, and I have worked out y=mx+c, so am able to predict the bounce height with just the initial height.

    I was just wondering if there is anything else I can explore from the results, other than just predicting the bounce height? Is there anything I can do that would test my calculus?

    (I'm living in the UK, so when I say college I mean A-Levels)


    P.S. Also I am wondering how this fits in with Newton's Laws. I'm guessing his Third Law has particular relevance here?
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    Sorry, not sure how to delete this post - I have reposted in the homework section...
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    How about the Potential and Kinetic energies (if you haven't done that already) of the ball at every bounce?
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