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Homework Help: Bouncing ball

  1. Nov 30, 2005 #1
    I do not know if my problem is advanced, but in any case I place it here
    Well this it :
    A ball bounces in the stairs of a staircase. Let l=-(Vfk/Vik) where Vfk the velocity just before the colision with a stair and Vik the velocity just after.
    the height and the Length of the stairs is L (the same).
    The ball always reaches he same height H (from the stair). The ball always travels the same distance X between two coisions with the stares.
    I want to find the H and Vx using L and l only (H = f (L,l), Vx = f (L,l)).
    Any help?
    The shape is not so good but I hope you understand the concept..

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