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Homework Help: Bouncing Particles on a smooth table

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    "Particles A, B and C , each of mass m, lie at rest in a straight line in the order stated. A is projected directly towards B with velocity u. The coefficient of restitution is 0.5 in each impact that follows. Show that there will be three impacts in total and find the final velocities of each particle."

    I have 'an' answer for the first part:-

    A and B Collide

    Velocity of seperation [tex]= e (u_1 - u_2)
    v_1 + v_2 = u //
    v_1 = u - v_2

    v_2 - v_1 = e(u_1 - u_2)//
    v_2 - u + v_2 = 0.5u//
    2v_2 = 1.5u//
    v_2 = 0.75u
    v_1 = u - v_2
    v_1 = u - 0.75u
    v_1 = 0.25u

    is this the right way to do this question? the problem comes later when the moving particles hit each other.
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