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Bouncing, spinning ball.

  1. Jan 28, 2008 #1
    I'm looking to simulate a bouncing and spinning ball in two dimensions. I have the detection working fine but I'm having a little difficulty with the physics.

    I have a moving ball colliding with a stationary immovable wall.

    I would like to know the resultant velocities of the ball in terms of:

    initial velocity u,
    initial angular velocity ω,
    radius r,
    coefficient of friction μ
    coefficient of restitution e,
    mass m,
    moment of intertia I

    obviously first we resolve normally to the plane.

    we have vj = -e*uj

    so the impulse = m(1+e)uj

    now I think there should be a rotational impulse proportional to this by a factor of the coefficient of friction,
    so ω increases by μm(1+e)uj/I

    but I get stuck here. I havent considered the initial angular velocity of the ball and its impact on the resultant velocity and resultant angular velocity.

    I hope someone can be of help,

    thanks a lot,

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