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Bouncing universe

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    There is a problem in cosmology, no one knows how the first stars were formed, so i thought maybe;

    seed galaxies could be formed from inhomogeneites in a bouncing universe, where deconstruction of the first universe was not complete?

    Is this possible or do you need complete annihilation of the first universe for a bounce to happen
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    I am sorry i said stars, i should have said galaxies.
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    In this thread
    I wrote at some point that bounce universe models are somewhat ruled out [at least that's what I had read in bibliography - John A. Peacock-Cosmological Physics -Chapter 3 -bouncing and loitering models *] , and in addition to that there was also this post:

    Also in the diagram given in the same section, the no big-bang solutions need a large value for the vacuum energy ([itex]\Omega_\Lambda>1[/itex], whereas [itex] \Omega_{\Lambda}^{(exp)}=0.692 \pm 0.010[/itex] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmological_constant#.CE.A9.CE.9B_.28Omega_Lambda.29)
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