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Homework Help: Boundary Layer (reposted)

  1. Mar 29, 2006 #1
    I have a physics project and i chose the topic of fluid dynamic (i dont know of it is really fluid dynamic but i think that is close enough). My level is only a high school student for information, in order to avoid any over complicating explenation.

    The concept is simple:

    first pour a glass of water on the florr.
    Then you can see a the water spread
    Wait until it stop spreading
    Then the water have a certain thick ness

    I some how able to have a flowing water of that thickness at a constant speed
    then i put an object, like my palm for instance
    the water would create a very interesting pattern.

    The pattern could show a laminar flow.
    I am not sure if what i thought as turbulet flow is actually a turbulent flow. coz the flow are not smooth yet stil fully transparent and no vortex has appear.

    my problem is that i can't explain the pattern form in association with the shape and size of the object, if i change my palm with some thing for example.

    i had taken some picture any i have trouble of posting it,
    i made some attemp on analyzing the pattern, however, i cant be sure if my analysis is correct.

    the pictures were at www.geocities.com/arian_m3/fluid.html

    thank you. and sorry about my english

    I repost this as in the last post, i posted big images which was untidy amd i had difficulty to edit them.
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