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Boundary question

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    show for two positive numbers x,y>0 that

    limit for n->infinity : [tex]\sqrt[n]{x^n+y^n}[/tex] = max {x,y}

    i dont know how to make a upper boundary(lower boundary is >0 i suppose)
    something like assume for instance x bigger than y and than make a boundary with it, but how?
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    Assume x>y, take x outside the nth root. Use binomial theorem to show the limit of the nth root is 1.
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    x^n = (x^n+y^n) = x^n(1+(y^n)/(x^n))


    nth root of (x^n+y^n)=x*nth root of (1+(y^n)/(x^n)), and for x>y, =>x. the same applies for the opposite case.
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