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Homework Help: Bowling ball with air resistance problem

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    A 22-cm-diameter bowling ball has a terminal speed of 85m/s. What is its mass.

    I get F=M(9.8). But then i dont know where to go from there or what to do with the 22 cm diameter :confused:
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    What relationships do you know between terminal speed and the size and density of an object, and/or properties of air?
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    nothing, that is the only info givin.
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    Doc Al

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    I believe Dan was asking about what you know (or should know) about air drag and what affects it. :smile:

    Here's a hint to get you started: For high speed objects traveling through air, the drag force is proportional to the speed squared and depends on the shape of the object (treat the ball as a sphere). Look up quadratic drag.

    Edit: The drag also depends on the size of the object; that's where the diameter comes in.
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