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Homework Help: Boy dragging a sled - Friction

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    a boy drags his 60.0-N sled at constant speed up a 15(degree) hill. he does so by pulling with a 25-N force on a rope attached to the sled. if the rope is inclined at 35(degree) to the horizontal, (a) what is the coefficient of kinectic friction between sled and snow? (b) At the top of the hill, he jumps on the sled and slides down the hill. What is the magnitude of his acceleration downthe slope.

    i think the whole using the angles to solve the problem is throwing me off. midterms are later today. plz help

    i drew the diagram and everything, yet it is hard for me to relate coefficeint of kinectic friction.
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    If the sled is moving up the at a constant speed then the total of the forces paralell to the slope is 0. With the angles, find the components of the tension,fricton,and weight along this axis (paralell to the slope) and write an equation (F1+F2+F3=0) this should let you find the friction. With the friction and normal you can then solve th problem
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