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Homework Help: Boyancy project help

  1. May 14, 2007 #1
    I hope this is allowed.
    Anyways, I have a project to make a device which I will use to walk across a pool.

    Here are some of the requirements:
    -Students must walk in an upright stance and propolsion must be supplied by foot/leg power only
    -Handles may be used to stablize walker but not to propel
    -The water line must not be higher on the walker than the top of the ankles
    - The length of the apparatus must not exceed 2 meters
    - It must start touching the pool wall.

    Any ideas??
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    Hmmm... interesting. What have you thought of so far?

    Welcome aboard, sal!
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    My name isnt sal but rather an inside joke... thanks anyways though.

    I was just thinking of getting 2 blow up rafts and attaching them to my feet....unfortunately i have no way of trying this except in the bathtub...haha
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    Obviously you cannot raise one of your feet without falling over.

    What I thought is to mount flaps below the pontoons on your feet. The flaps fold down (flat against the bottom of the pontoon) when the foot is pulled forward, but not when they are pushed backwards, thereby providing the resistantce to push yourself forward.
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    I believe mythbusters had an episode where they attempted to build a device to walk on water. My suggestion would be to have something to stabilize the distance between the two sides/stabilizes the contact with the water. i.e. keeps everything squared up (or at whatever angle you choose.)
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