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Boycott ticketmaster.com

  1. Mar 21, 2003 #1
    I just bought two $25 Tom Petty tickets and the total came out to $83.50 and that included free shipping. Disgusting mystery fees!
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    greg, did you ask ticketmaster to break down a list of fees?
  4. Mar 21, 2003 #3
    yes ticketmaster is a pinicle of the greed and corruption in our society.
  5. Mar 21, 2003 #4
    I think you should do what Kerrie said and get your money back too!
  6. Mar 21, 2003 #5
    yep, in American people often seem to think that when we wind up getting ripped-off we should just take it as a lesson. however, nothing changes like that and it is much better to stand up for what you belive is right and work to correct the wrongs that have been done, that is what being a truly patriotic American is all about.
  7. Mar 22, 2003 #6
    Kyleb you don't act patriotic in the Political subforum.

    Anyways Greg have you gotten any results?
  8. Mar 22, 2003 #7
    funny Nicool003, that is how i feel about you.
  9. Apr 14, 2003 #8
    yea i noticed this too i was goign to buy 5 bad religion tickets and look on Ticket master the orginal price was $20 each service charge was like 7 and shipping was like 20 so i siad asses to that and went to the club were theior playing and got them for $21 each only $1 service charge so be cool and say asses to TM
  10. Apr 14, 2003 #9
    They are a whoremongering monopoly! Unfortunately it's hard to avoid them. The Dead have their own ticket company... encourage your bands to do the same. :)
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