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Homework Help: Boyle`s law question, Grade 9

  1. Oct 17, 2009 #1
    A bicycle pump contains 200 cm³ o fair and is connected to a bicycle tyre.
    The volume of the tyre is 800 cm³. The pressure of the air in the tyre (it is `flat´) is 1.0 atmosphere, the same as the air initially?
    A) What is the total volume of the air initially? (=volume1)
    B) What is the volume of air after the pump is pushed in? (=volume2)
    C) What will be the pressure in the tyre then?

    Can you please give me the answers?
    If possible explain it?
    Would be nice of you.

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    Sorry, but PF rules discourage "giving answers". Plus, where is the fun in that? We do, however, answer questions related to your problem solving process. Go ahead and attempt a solution--if you are confused about something, say so.
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