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Homework Help: Boyle's Law

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    So i looked up Boyle's and it said

    PV = C

    P= pressure

    V= Volume

    C= constant

    so my question is

    Suppose 38 pounds of books were balanced on a syringe plunger with a cross-section area of 0.45 in^2?

    A) how much pressure would just the books exert on the trapped air sample?

    so would this be correct

    P= 38/0.45= 84.4 psi

    im not sure if 38 is the constant or even if im using the right formula for this problem. thanks guys
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    Well, your answer seems right, but you didn't get it from using the Boyle's Law formula which you quoted.

    You simply used Pressure=Force/Area, which is perfectly valid.
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    Moreover , the boyle's law is only applicable to ideal gases at constant temperature and cannot be applied to objects and particle of classical physics.
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