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Bra-Ket and Ket-Bra Notation

  1. Sep 21, 2006 #1
    I'm supposed to perform the following operations.

    |A + B> and <A + B|, where A and B are two vectors.

    A = 3i |x> - 7i |y>
    B = - |x> + 2i |y>

    where |x> and |y> are orthonormal.

    Little lost here... Is this asking me to add them component wise? ie
    |A + B> = (3i - 1) |x> + (2i - 7i) |y>

    and what is the meaning of the Ket-Bra notation?
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    ahh, nevermind. I need to put them into row-column form.
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