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Bra/Ket notation

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    I need to read up on Bra/Ket notation for my project on Bells Inequalities. I've been through the relevant sections of J.J Sakurai's Modern Quantum Mechanics but have had a lot of trouble getting it all clear in my head.

    Could anyone recommend me an online resource that might help?

    (My priority at the moment is just the basics, understanding how spin states are described and the probabilities/eigenvalues found in bra/ket notation)

    Thanks a lot!
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    This post explains bra-ket notation. This thread might be helpful too (but read post #17 first, where I acknowledge a silly mistake I made in #2). Wikipedia is good too.

    If you're trying to learn about Bell inequalities, you might like the derivation in Isham's book: 215, 216
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